Is Huawei working on its own OS? CEO responds

Even a mobile giant like Samsung has trouble getting Tizen OS off the ground, which leaves us wondering why Huawei would want to pursue a similar tactic. Recent rumors say the Chinese manufacturer finds itself working on a mobile OS alternative to Android, named Kirin OS. Is this true? We are not certain yet, but… Read More »

Sony Xperia X Performance makes it way to Canada

So far it looks like Sony is doing at least a little bit of a better job at making sure its Xperia X line is available in more markets than it did with the older Z series. Sony already confirmed the arrival of several members of the X family to Europe, and has even opened… Read More »

The $4 smartphone is supposedly shipping from June 30

We’re still not convinced it’s not an elaborate scam, but the Freedom 251 – known globally as the “$4 smartphone” – will begin shipping to customers soon. At least that’s what the CEO of the company that sells the device is promising. When Ringing Bells, an obscure company based in Noida, announced it would sell… Read More »

Report: Huawei hedging its bets with an in-house OS

Huawei has risen to become one of the major players in today’s smartphone market, due in no small part to its adoption of Google’s Android operating system. However, a report from The Information suggests that Huawei may be working on a Plan B option in case Android somehow goes to the dogs, in the form… Read More »